Medieval history and the Crusades




Medieval History and the Crusades

In those stirring days when the Medieval Dark Age gave way to the bright light of the Renaissance, the full flower of knighthood and a new way of life began to emerge. The Crusades turned the bickering European battles of kings against kings into a reasonably united effort to win back the Holy Land.

The Knights Templar came into being on the site of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem to protect the Christian pilgrims in that land. These noble deeds were rewarded by generous gifts of land from the kings and lords of Europe to enable the work to continue. And somehow the Templars managed to transform that modest wealth to create a banking system that gave them true wealth. When the Templars were struck down in 1307 the glory days of knighthood began to fade, and 150 years later armor-clad knights were no longer a force in battle. 

Yet some of the things that began during the Crusading Templar days continued to grow in Europe, and by the 1600s the seeds of renaissance were well planted. The arts and sciences began to flourish, Shakespearean plays came into vogue, and the colorful customs and clothing of the times created a unique atmosphere that still lingers today. The Renaissance Faires and Festivals still commemorate those gallant and bawdy days. It seemed to be a time when men were men and women were women, and oft the two did meet.

by Jenny Graham

Some of the outstanding books that have explored these vibrant Medieval and Renaissance societies are described in rich detail in Medieval books

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Medieval History, Crusades and Knights Templar

We have picked out some of the more fascinating people and events of the Middle Ages and include them here. The actual beginning of the Crusades dates back to 325 AD and a woman named St. Helena. Later the Templars became wealthy by introducing bank checks to Europe, but could not have done it without the literate brothers among them who wore green robes with the red cross. Strange but true.

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