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Renaissance Faire and Festival Scenes

Revelry and good times abound at Renaissance Faires and  Fesitvals across the country. It is a chance to dress up as knight or lady, rogue or wench and have a merry time. 

Here are some scenes from faires and festivals in recent years to remind you of what it is like. If have been to a faire or festival, feel free to post a photo here and share it with the other dashing blades and sultry damsels of ye olde faire!

Renaissance Faire

by Renaissance Faire Pictorial


Tournaments Too 

Entertainment at these faires and festivals can include tournaments of jousting, archery or other competitions, each colorfully conducted in the spirit of knighthood. Some of the less physical competitons such as archery are open to fair-goers.

Renaissance Festival

Kings, Queens

& Royal Courts

It would not be a true faire or festival without a reigning lord or lady and possibly some members of their royal court. Their elaborate costumes, jewelry, hairstyles and accessories are sometimes a show in themselves.

Dubuque Renaissance Faire

Friends Are Faire Play

Whether you come with friends, meet-up at the faire, or make new friends among the merry fun-seekers you find there, it all comes down to a great shared experience. A day of pleasure is always at hand. And if it leads to new friends, that is all to the good, is it not?

photo by Christine

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All the information you need on Renaissance Faires and Festivals across the USA and around the world can be found here, along with links to get you wherever you want to go.

Renaissance Faire and Festival Information.

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Share it and raise everyone's jealousy factor with your great costume, fun times, or magical moment you captured. If you don't want to show your real name with the image, make up a good Medieval one and send it off.

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photo by Zerode

Medieval  Crusades and Knights Templar

Some of the most fascinating people and events of the Middle Ages were involved with the Knights Templar. The book Sworn in Secret now tells their intriguing story in richer detail than you have ever seen before. 

See Sworn in Secret here.

Society for Creative Anachronism

This society is active all year around with costumed Medieval events that include feasts, revelry and tournements. These "kingdoms" cover the whole world, so wherever you live there are events near you. And you don't need to be a member to go to events.

See more about the society here.

Renaissance Magazine

See the magazine here.


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